Coming to your community April 2021!

Supportive Care at Heart is the newest member of the Care at Heart family. We are moving our care upstream to serve more patients and families who desire our support and to fulfill our vision of transforming the end-of-life care continuum in the communities we serve.

What is supportive care?

Supportive Care at Heart is Care at Heart's response to the Primary Care First – Seriously Ill Population (SIP) demonstration model put forth by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

We are creating a functioning, holistic healthcare continuum that guides patients and their loved ones along their care journey, starting with initial diagnosis of advanced chronic illness. Our healthcare management services will help patients with serious illnesses stabilize through symptom management, reconnect with community based primary care, or transition to hospice services, supporting them the entire way.

We don’t just tolerate differences, we embrace them. 

At Care at Heart, we value diversity and believe all individuals have the right to be themselves. We meet our patients and our families where they are, respecting their beliefs, lifestyle, diagnosis, DNR status, care plan choices, or desire to hold hope. We know that transforming end-of-life care begins by listening to and accepting those who need it. Working with each patient and family allows us to develop individual care plans that carefully integrate their thoughts with ours. Our openness and adaptability mean we are constantly pushing boundaries and eliminating barriers so that all eligible patients can receive the care they need and deserve.

Care at Heart's advocacy and appreciation for diversity encompass more than just our patients; it includes our employees too. Respecting the decisions our team members make and embracing them for who they are cultivates talent and personal growth, enabling us to better serve our patients, families, partners, and communities. It is our hope that our universal acceptance will empower all to have a voice and encourage them to use it.